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Tune in weekly to hear Rabbi Rick Jacobs, President of the Union For Reform Judaism, offer divrei Torah (insights into the weekly Torah portion) to help open up Jewish thought and its contemporary influence on your life.

Jul 29, 2019

We all face difficult decisions, but how do we reconcile our obligations and the repercussions of our actions? We should always ask ourselves – what is the better or kinder way to speak, to listen and to act? This week, as we learn about Matot-Mas'ei, Rabbi Rick Jacobs discusses the complications of ethics and war,...

Jul 22, 2019

What happens when zealotry is mistaken for passion? How do we measure our responses and find the humanity in each other during tense times? Rabbi Rick Jacobs delves into the unexpected lessons found in this week’s Parashah, Pinchas, through a Torah lens as well as how that applies to modern-day Israeli politics.

Jul 15, 2019

Sometimes the darkest moments bring out the light and opportunities arise for adversaries to become advocates. This week, in Parashat Balak, we learn about King Balak, who fears the Israelites and decides to have them cursed. Balak’s hired soothsayer tries to curse the Israelites three times, but the words that come...

Jul 8, 2019

This week, in Parashat Chukat, we learn about the death of one of Judaism’s greatest ancestors: Miriam. Rabbi Rick Jacobs and his guest, Dr. Tsvia Walden, discuss how the strength, importance, and wisdom of women have been woven throughout our history, and how, like water, they are a necessary and valuable element of...

Jul 1, 2019

As we learn this week, sometimes our past rituals don’t match our present values. Join Rabbi Rick Jacobs as he discusses Parashat Korach, and what it means to challenge a decision for the sake of the ego... versus what it means to challenge for the sake of a greater purpose.